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Must Have Monday!

Here is a list of tools, items, and products that I use to create beautiful things! I will update it every Monday with a new “must have”!

I could not live without this! My little detail sander was one of the first tools that I owned. I was so intimidated by sanding and this little gem made the task and the tool seem less daunting! Follow the link, I think you’ll love it!!

I love my detail sander, but the orbital works much faster for larger areas. It’s pattern is random, so you are less likely to get the swirl marks that can happen when sanding. Follow the link and get to creating!!!

Today I am talking about something that I use almost every time I paint a piece, primer. I have used many different primers and by trial and errror, this is by far the best, most reliable primer that I have used. It is shellac based and prevents bleed through on even the toughest pieces. It goes on watery, so a little goes a long way and dries super fast. It sands down smoothly to make a nice even base coat for the paint. It will not allow bleed through, even on white paint and can be used as a primer for both oil and latex paint. Save yourself the headache of finishing a piece only to see it turn yellow or pink from bleed through and have to start from square one! Start every project with this primer!



Hi! It has been a minute since I have posted! I have been busy with the holidays and out of town for a townhouse reno, but back I’m to business! Today, my “Must Have Monday” item is this sealer. I have tried alllllllllll of the different sealers (including the boutique brands that claim to be easy to use) and I can say that this sealer is the most user friendly to prevent streaking and brush strokes. There is nothing worse than completing a piece that you have painted perfectly and it becomes a streaky mess once the topcoat is added! I use this sealer in different sheens on every project. I like the satin because it is not shiny, but it is not as flat as a matte can look. I apply it with a slightly damp detail sponge and work in one direction, careful to not go back over an area until it is dry and ready for the next coat. Trust me on this, use this sealer!

Today my “Must Have Monday” item is one (or several) that I use every single time I paint – paint brushes! I have tried many brushes and these brushes are by far the best! They have all different shapes to make the job easier. For example, I will never try to paint spindles again without their round brush. The fan brush is fantastic for trim that is grooved. I could go on! They clean easily and I never have to worry about bristles falling out onto my painted surface. What are these marvels of modern day crafting, you ask??? Z!bra paint brushes! They are also very inexpensive, especially compared to the boutique “professional” brushes. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

This week I posted a new treat, Cloud Cake in my store and posted its transformation on my Facebook page: I got so many questions about one of the major features that transformed the buffet from dated to modern……..the gorgeous new pulls! I researched MANY different brands and read all of the reviews before I finally ordered these pulls on Amazon. Even with good reviews, I was nervous about how the quality would be. I was so pleasantly surprised! These pull are heavy and solid and the brass color was just what I was looking for to match the wallpaper that I planned lining the drawers with. If you are looking to give a dated piece a modern look, it can be as easy as changing out the hardware. Here are the links for the 2 sizes of pulls I used:

Brass pulls

Small Brass pulls

For more delicious treats, follow Sugar Plum Preserves:





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