Vanilla Bundt Cake

This week’s feature is a fun little dated yard sale find that I turned into a modern, functional piece of furniture. Call it Mid Century Farmhouse? Mid Century Modern with a twist?

Vanilla Bundt Cake

~ A Sweet Little Treat for the Home ~

Vanilla Bundt Cake

Hello My Sweets!

This vintage organ bench was given new life with the addition of a new, thick, cushy upholstered seat and custom chalk paint. The seat can be removed for storage and has been decoupaged with a complimentary polka dot liner. The capped feet and accents have been polished and the whole piece has been sealed for durability. A bench this size is super versatile and can be used as extra seating, an ottoman, a side table, a piano bench, a foot stool, etc. Whatever you call it, keep reading to learn about the transformation into a sweet little treat for the home! 🤗

This is what we started with:

It’s cute, but the wood is pretty scratched up and that seat isn’t exactly comfortable. Plus, the seat height isn’t really practical, so I decided to update it and make it more functional.

First up, a good cleaning! I used my trusty cleaner, Krud Kutter to clean the wood up and Bar Keepers Friend to clean up the brass.

On to the painting! I taped off the brass details with prior to painting. I then made a custom chalk paint by mixing half calcium carbonate with Behr Bit of Sugar. For example, half a cup calcium carbonate to a cup of paint. Just make sure you mix the CC with a little water first to avoid clumps in the paint. Since a lot of the piece was the spindle legs, I used my round Zibra brush for the spindles and my angled Zibra brush for the flat areas on the bench and the inside. It took about three coats.

Inside, I wanted to decoupage a corresponding paper to the fabric that I chose for the seat. I found some cute gray with white polka dots wrapping paper that was perfect. I cut it to size and used Modge Podge to adhere it to the inside of the bench. The only challenge in using decoupage is smoothing out the wrinkles and bubbles. You can use the edge of a credit card or something like that to smooth it out.

For the bench, I used a thick foam cushion and cut it to size. This foam is very dense so it will not compress when it’s sat on and it adds 4 inches of height to the bench, making it more functional. I found a thick, durable fabric at Joann’s and upholstered it onto the foam. The fabric was adhered with a staple gun , paying special attention at the corners to fold neatly.

The piece was sealed (inside and out, aside from the brass details) with Minwax Polycrylic in Satin applied with my favorite method, a lightly dampened car detail sponge And that’s it! A quick and easy transformation of a yard sale organ bench! What do you think? Modern Farmhouse?

Thank you so much for joining me for Sugar Plum Sundae! Please check back every Sunday for more yummy recipes to transform reclaimed “junk” into sweet little treats for the home! 🤗

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Materials List (may not be all inclusive):

Krud Kutter

Bar Keepers Friend

Frog Tape

Calcium Carbonate

Zibra Paint Brushes

Zibra Round 1 inch

Zibra Angled 2 inch Stubby

Modge Podge

Foam Cushion

Staple Gun

Minwax Polycrylic in Satin

Car Detail Sponge

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